Being creative is my purpose. Doing it with kindness is my choice. Learning along the way is my method. Sharing to connect with the world is my Way. I invite you to connect with me in the comments section below.

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Listen to the call of your heart 

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.  - Lao-Tzu

If you take a moment right now to close your eyes, take a breath and focus on what Love feels like, what will you find? 

I did this and I found something; something that swept over me. I want to do something from where I am, in the world that I live in, starting small but thinking big, to see where this intention will take me. Ultimately, where it will take us, because you are invited for the ride. I posted the other day that Marc and I were giving a full digital download of our album to anyone willing to make a donation of $1.99. There was also the part about giving $1.00 of each donation to a Food Bank. The next day my sister, who thought this was a great idea, also asked me, "Why would you do this?" 

It is true that often when something sounds to good to be true, people get suspicious. I'm not saying my sister got suspicious. She knows me and knows my nature. I know she was wondering why we would just give away our work. I can only answer that it aligns with my intention.

Food and hunger has always been something that touches me. Those who know me best, know I am unable to be indifferent to people's suffering. And the thought that in every community there is even one person who doesn't have enough to eat pains me. Particularly in a world where it just doesn't have to be like that because we have enough to go around. So, with my husband by my side, I decided we could start a flow of abundance by offering a thank you from what is closest to our hearts and what we love the most: our music. Then, we can keep the flow going by paying it forward to the food banks in the donor's communities. The more I thought of it, the happier it made me. You help us. We thank you with music that makes you happy. Then, together, we help someone else. Win-win-win!

Let's listen to the love in our hearts. If you and those you love have had enough to eat today, please join me in a small step. Act. Go here and share that love with us to feed someone in your world. We can all do something from where we are to make our world a better place. Then share with your peeps to keep the love flowing.

Namaste & Thank you.

An invitation to share the Love.  


One of the comments we hear the most from people who listen to our music is that it is "Music that makes you happy." Everytime I hear that, I feel blessed. I mean, what more could anyone want but the ability to make people happy by doing what you love the most? So it got me thinking, "What more could we want?" Well, I would want to make even more people happy by sharing our music and do some good in the process. 

When Marc and I started to write together and think about what we wanted that life to look like, we identified right away that giving back, or paying it forward if you prefer, was something we wanted to do. We discussed giving part of our profits from each performance to the local food bank of the community that we would play in. Our lives took us in all kinds of directions but our values and intentions haven't changed. That is why we are inviting you to be part in our dream and part of our plan to do good in the world.  

It's true that it's the little things that can make the biggest change and everyone can make a difference. So, we are inviting you to share the love in a unique way and get into the flow of abundance with us. Help people who need help be happier too. 

When you make a donation of $1.99 (Canadian dollars) you will

  1. Get a free digital download of our entire i love album
  2. Support us in our continued artistic pursuits, AND
  3. Because we love the idea of paying it forward, for every $1.99 donation we get, we will make a $1.00 donation to a food bank*

You know what else you'll get? A warm happy feeling that you helped someone eat today, maybe stay alive today and certainly feel less lonely and feel that out there, somewhere in the world they live in, someone cares. That's helping some other human feel more human. Good for you. Good for all of us. Go here now.

Namaste and thanks for sharing with everyone you know. 


* To the best of our ability, whenever feasible, food bank donations will be made in the community nearest to the donor.

The only constant in this world is change 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  - Socrates

I feel like a builder without an architect. Where are the plans? How can I build it if I don't know what IT is? If I do manage to build it, who will come? 

Living a life, it turns out, is more and less than I originally thought it was. Actually, when I was a younger woman, I didn’t really give it a lot of thought. I was too busy focussing on my ambitions. I had dreams to dream you see. Those dreams I chased drove me to be pro-active, prepared, focussed on the future. Surely, I didn’t want to focus on the past. I wanted to overcome it. I wanted to get beyond it. I needed to be more than that. Looking back was a lot of hurt and disappointment. A lot of not quite making it, not quite catching my dreams (any dream) and a lot of loneliness too. You with me? Yeah, I know. Ironically, I am not alone in my loneliness.

Well people, we can’t fight our past. It’s only memories now. And those memories only hurt us if we give them power. If we keep the conversations going inside our head and heart, we keep dragging all that crap forward into the Now (don’t you just love Tollé!) and that is not living; that is selective re-living that keeps us stuck. Have you noticed that when we're stuck, we don’t focus on the good stuff in the past, but the “wish it didn’t happen” and the “this makes me feel bad” stuff.

My super great sister (everyone should have one - biological or spiritual) gave me a lovely Kuan Yin journal to write in. So I am going to write. I don’t know what I will write, but I promise I will share some of my revelations with you. Why? Because I realized (real-to-my-eyes) this morning, that when I wrote my blog every day, I felt better. I was able to tackle my challenges and I felt in control. Maybe, because writing for me, like all my creative endeavors, happens when I am completely in the moment. There is another me that is present. I have to get out of my head or the black hole of unproductive energy sucks me into its dark abyss.  Whoa! That kind of stuff can make you sick. Let's not go there anymore.  OK?

I decided one thing I will do is to write to build the new. Will you read? Will you write to me too? I know you’re out there. Since we’re all connected anyway, do what is your new too. Put it out there because you never know how you can inspire another. Let's keep it going :D



This personal blog was written by Bianca Pittoors. You may “share” it in its entirety. I respectfully request that you respect it as the intellectual property that it is. Thank you! 

The long and winding road 

“Simply the act of taking a vision and moving it from your mind to a canvas is a success.”  - Jason Hall 

and a journey! 

Over the past while, I have encountered many people who have told me they missed reading my posts. They enjoyed reading my words and some, sometimes, felt like I was writing just to them. I believe them. I believe them because we are all connected. If I listen, I will hear in the depth of my heart, your heart’s desire. Because it is mine too. We are on the same road you see. 

I have returned to this journey of open journaling that I will share with you.  For many months now I have vacillated and been lost. Tossed about like a bottle on the sea in a storm, I was wondering when the sunshine and calm would return. Now I know it won’t return. I must re-create it one step at a time. The journey will be what I will it to be. Who I will be on the other side? I don’t know but I will not be re-creating the past. I will create a better, happier Bianca. 

There are many sizes of canvas and there are many types of roads. Choose one, begin and let me know how things are going too. 



This personal blog was written by Bianca Pittoors. You may “share” it in its entirety. I respectfully request that you respect it as the intellectual property that it is. Thank you!